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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Herb Classes

Summer/Fall 2017

Rocky Creek Valley Farm Herb Classes   $20
Agricultural & Educational Center
37009 W. 156th St
Rayville, MO 64084

 REGISTER at PAYPAL buttons on the right or here 816.853-0440

10 am to noon
Tuesday               Aug 22                  Elderberry Solutions
Wed                      Sep 20                   Respiratory Remedy
Sat                         Sep 23                 Weed Workshop II- Roots
Thursday             Oct 19 & Nov 18    Respiratory Remedy  I & II   $114
Tuesday               Nov 14                  Herbal Antibiotics
 Tuesday               Dec 5                     DIY - Home

Rocky Creek Kids Classes  $10     4 for $30
37009 W 156th St
Rayville, MO 6408

 REGISTER at PAYPAL buttons on the right or here 816.853.0440

AGES 8 -12
10 AM TO 11:30 AM   
Tuesday               Aug 8     Plant Detective
Sat                          Sep 2     Thumbelina’s Favorite Herb
Sat                          Oct 14   Baxter’s Adventure
Sat                          Nov 4    The Great Punkin’ Caper

Adult & Community Education Excelsior Springs Area Career Center    Classes $19
614 Tiger Drive, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
REGISTER HERE:   816.630.9240     or here:   http://excelsiorspringsadulted.weebly.com

Fall 2017
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Tuesday               Sep 12                   Putting your garden to bed
Tuesday               Oct 10                   Altered Journals
Tuesday               Oct 24                   Farm Girl Aprons
Tuesday               Nov 7                    Gift Boxes & Cards

See class descriptions/syllabus at HERB CLASS INFO at the top of the page.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Planning Gardens & Publishing Courses

Vertical garden

Asian Long Bean
High Tunnel
We are busy at the farm planning our  organic garden for summer.  This year there will be a “cancer garden” section in addition to the fairyland look of the four kinds of runner beans growing up and up then cascading down from the top of the high tunnel.  This creates a beautiful green vertical garden that delights the soul as well as the palate.  The cucurbits and the sweet potatoes also are planted vertically adding to the ambiance and conserving space.   

 We have instituted companion planting throughout the garden incorporating vegetables, herbs and flowers which not only increases the  beauty of the garden but helps keep pests at bay while promoting growth and flavor to the edibles. 

Our garden plan is online   .... Be sure to check out the notes for information on the companion planting.   

In keeping with our organic way of life, our fertilizers are nettles, milk, fish and kelp.  We are trying something new this year: MUSIC in the greenhouse!!   Classical music will be played throughout the day....will our crops be bigger?  More nutritious?  There is plenty of evidence that plants love music; all I know for sure is I do so at least I will enjoy my gardening whether or not the beans are sweeter!!


Our other big news from the farm is our ON LINE COURSES.  

The first one is ALL ABOUT BASIL and as a thank you to all our delightful customers and followers and as an introduction to our online courses it's FREE.  You may think you know basil, but I'll bet you don't!!   It's more than just a pesto.  It's medicinal prowess may surprise you.  So, CLICK THE LINK steep a cup of peppermint tea and take the course.  You'll be glad you did.

ALL ABOUT BASIL is just the beginning of our online Rocky Creek Valley Herbal School.  There is so much herbal goodness out there, I just have to share.  And, with the issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria becoming more and more problematic YOU need to know what you can do to protect your family.   I hope you'll join us on this incredible herbal journey.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Paddy on TOP of his hutch.
I went out to Briarpatch--our indulgent indoor/outdoor rabbit complex one morning last week and discovered my BIG beautiful male Angora with an eye problem.  Well, it was more than a problem.  His eyeball was just short of hanging out, the bottom lid turned inside out and looking hideous.

I was SHOCKED.  I did not see any blood evidence of a wound anywhere and just could not imagine what was wrong.  I took him in to see our good country vet--a rare breed.  She looked him over and said she would need to sew the eyelid closed and leave it for 2 weeks to try and save the eye.

She had a new assistant and during the examination I learned that she raised rabbits.  So, I commenced to tell her the no-baby-saga. 

ME:  "I've been trying five years and regardless of what I try, my rabbits will not breed."

ASSISTANT: "I let the male/female get acquainted through a wire partition before I put them together."

ME:  "Did that.  In fact, they seem to be great buddies AS LONG AS THE PARTITION IS THERE."

ASSISTANT:  "I leave them together for 2 days."

ME: "If I did that the fur would fly and someone would be dead.  They're together 15 minutes tops.    By the time I take out my female they are mortal enemies."

ASSISTANT:  "Hmmmm.  Maybe he just doesn't like your female."

ME:  "I have four females."


So, I leave Paddy in the capable hands of my country vet and her successful rabbit breeder assistant.

The next morning I'm sympathizing with a groggy Paddy and his pirate-like eye.  The vet is giving me instructions as she hands him over and almost as an after thought says, "Oh, and by the way.  Paddy is a female."

Wait..... What?

We all had a good laugh.  At least that explained the no-baby-bunnies at Rocky Creek.

My husband said they were going to have to revoke my "Farmers License" over this.  In my defense, I NEVER CHECKED!!  I took the Angora Breeder at her word.  Live and learn.

I went to check on Paddy (Patty?) 2 hours after I brought him home and he was dead.  Oh, that broke my heart.  I called the vet and she said, "You know, I haven't been able to get Paddy off my mind.  I believe he had a brain tumor."

So, it's just as well he passed on to a better life.  I envision him not in a rabbit cage--as wonderful as Briarpatch is--but in an open grassy field with lots of dandelions (which he loved), sunshine, blue skies and all the other bunnies I've loved and lost to keep him company.

PS  I know he was a she, but I didn't have her long enough to make the transition to the she pronoun.  He will always be a he in my memories. :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Super Sad Salad Dressings

Don't ruin your lovely salad with bottled store bought dressing.

Even before I manufactured antibodies against some of my favorite foods (See Alpha Gal post) I looked suspect a salad dressing labels.   There's more to it than delicious sun ripened tomatoes and garlic.  Salad dressing hides a host of chemicals and other suspicious ingredients that harbor enemies of our health.

Here is a great article from Rodale that catalogs a few of the problems: Salad Dressing Facts.

 Meanwhile, here is a scrumptious recipe from Bulk Herb Store, one of my best online herb sources.

1 cup appple cider vinegar (I love BRAGGS the best)
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 T LOCAL honey
1 t black pepper  (I buy mine from a local Amish store...ymmmm)
2 T oregano (grow your own!!)
1  1/2 t sea salt  (I use Himalayan)
3 cloves garlic  (again, grow your own!)  or you can use garlic powder in a pinch (no pun intended)

Blend until the aroma is irresistible!!   :)
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