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Herb Classes

  As a general rule I suspend classes a few times a year to accommodate my other life: Spring (busy planting) December (busy preparing for the celebration of our Lord) and January (short days and too cold).
Otherwise we always have something going on in the classroom (inside and out).

Classes at:
Rocky Creek Valley Farm
37009 W. 156th St  Rayville
Summer/Fall 2017
10 am to noon  approx.

FEES:  Classes are $20 each or two classes for $35 if registered at the same time. 
 PRE-REGISTRATION APPRECIATED.   This helps me in preparing your handouts and assures you a place to sit!!  Some classes have optional “Make and Takes” which vary in cost according the class—usually between $5 and $10.    
Sorry, NO REFUNDS; if you cancel you are given class credit to use on any other class of the same value.

As always, if you have taken a class before, you can take it again for free but you will not get another handout.  And if you take 3 classes in one calendar year, the 4th class is half off.
Rain checks (NO REFUNDS) for inclement weather (for outside classes like weed walks.) 
Classes with Make ‘n Take have additional fees.
REGISTRATION/ payment:  Pay Pal buttons on the right side of the page OR  by mail,  email or phone.     

ONLY THOSE WHO REGISTER BEFORE THE DAY OF CLASS WILL RECEIVE HARD COPIES OF THE HANDOUTS.  If you come to class and have not previously registered you will be EMAILED the class handouts.  In other words—I make as many handouts as I have people registered. 

Also, ONLY THOSE WHO REGISTER BEFORE THE DAY OF CLASS WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE” MAKE AND TAKE”.  I prepare as many Make and Takes” as I have people signed up for them.

TIME: Most classes are 2 hrs long --add an additional 20-30 minutes if you sign up for “Make and Take” unless the Make and Take is a kit, then it will only be 10-15 minutes longer as you will assemble the kit at home.  

Kids classes – 90 minutes.

Tues 8/22         Elderberry Solutions   $20
Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which supports and strengthens the immune system and the respiratory system.   Elderberry remedies are also excellent for use by children. You will spend time in the classroom (studying), in the field (harvesting) and in the lab (making remedies).  Wear clothing suitable for walking in weeds.  (long sleeves, pants and boots preferable).  $5 materials fee to cover remedy ingredients/jar.   Please register in advance in insure everyone will have class materials.

Thur 10/19 and Sat 11-18   Respiratory Remedy 1 & 2   Respiratory Remedy Class

This is a two-part class: October 19 and November 18.  Oct 19 is a compounding class/Nov 18 is a decanting class.  On 10-19 we will be compounding two separate tinctures (a set) which are good for various ailments such as flue, colds, pneumonia and all manner of respiratory issues but which are specifically formulated to counteract the plague*. These two tinctures-formula 1 and formula 2, are a "set" and must be used together.

The 2 tinctures are made with nine herbs in a menstruum of Everclear.  The herbal actions are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-pyretic, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, alterative, vulnerary, antispasmodic, hypotensive, febrifuge, carminative, astringent, hemostat, diuretic, expectorant, anodyne,
mucilaginous and cholagogue.  The herbs are beneficial for the respiratory, immune, lymphatic, endocrine, circulatory, nervous, digestive and cardio-vascular systems. They support the liver, kidney, bladder and entire alimentary canal.  They are high in mineral and nutrient content. I can’t say enough about the healing properties of the combined herbs.

  One set is for one person for 10-11 days.   Each person will receive ELEVEN SETS

This class is open to TEN PEOPLE.  The cost of the class is $115 per person.  This covers all your herbs, the menstruum (Everclear) to make the tinctures and the jars.

After compounding the herbs on 10-19 you will LEAVE THE TINCTURES AT THE FARM to macerate. It must remain in the quart jars for four weeks—from one new moon to the next.    During this time I will tend them by monitoring the temperature/light control, shaking/stirring them daily and bringing them out of the dark and into the light at the proper time.

The second part of the class is on 10/19 at which time we will decant the tinctures (straining out the herbs) and you will be taking them home in your quart jars.  If you wish to put your tinctures in dropper bottles, they will be available for purchase or you may bring some with you. 

Enroll NOW as the class is limited to only 10 people. Your money must be paid by Wed 10-11. If it is not, you will be dropped and I will go to the next person in line.

 Summary:Enroll now.   $115 due no later than 10-11

Formulating Class 10-19 10 am --leave tinctures at farm
Decanting Class 11-18 10 am--take home tinctures

Call, email or private message me with questions. :)

*Of course, we have no way of knowing how well the remedy will work for the plague as none of us has actually experienced it.  But, the herbs used are very potent healers.

Sat 9/23           Weed Workshop II – Roots
Mark your calendar; grab your gloves; find your pen/paper; it's time to the get to the bottom of things during our annual autumn herb root class. We will go on an outdoor digging expedition--weather permitting—for dandelion, burdock, horseradish, poke and elecampane. We will explore how these herbs can have a positive effect on your health and also how to make them into remedies.   Optional herb kits available--$5 - $10.

Tue 11/14        Herbal Antibiotics/Making Remedies
Germs can run through a generation in 20 minutes.  Is it any wonder that they develop resistance to antibiotics so quickly?  Learn about herbs natural antibiotic properties, which ones do what, how you can use them and how you can make them.   Instruction on making herbal remedies: salves, tinctures, liniments.   Optional make and take: $5 - $10

Tues 12/5                   DIY – Home
Don’t you just get tired of all those chemicals in your cleaning products?  And the anti-bacterial products are just contributing to the world-wide issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Come learn many natural solutions for home care.  Optional make and take: $5-$10

Rocky Creek Kids Classes
Ages 8-12    Parents welcome
10 am to 11:30 am
$10 each class or 4 for $30 if purchased all at once.  Pre-registration needed to ensure all class participants have class materials.

Learning about plants—kid style.   Power off the electronics and bring the kids for 90 minutes of outdoor country fun.  Children instinctively love nature.  In the course of four classes we will be taking weed walks to identify medicinal herbs (botany), learn what they do (first aid) and making remedies (pharmacy).  We incorporate multiple learning strategies such as games, projects, microscope use, word puzzles, notebooks, class journals and food all aimed at teaching children about the wondrous world of herbs.  These life science classes are standalone but also build on one another to reinforce learning.  Class booklets contain much more than we can do in 90 minutes and will provide additional learning at home. 

Tues  8/8         Plant Detectives  Identifying and finding two wild herbs learning what they do and how to use them for owies (first aid),  3 Sisters Gardening (Native American gardening strategies and will pick produce to take home), Sunshine Tea (making drinks from herbs we pick).  Starting class herb books—we will add to these each week.         
Sat  9/2            Thumbelina’s Favorite Herb    A special guest and two special herbs.  Identifying, harvesting and using lemon balm and chamomile for medicine and for food.   Making Chamomile potatoes (this is not what you think!)  and Lemon balm popsicles.   
Sat 10/14         Baxter’s Adventure   Identifying, harvesting and using catnip, peppermint and lavender.  Making cat toys, mint tea and bath volcanos. 
Sat 11/4           The Great Punkin Caper   Pumpkin anatomy, pumpkin carving/painting, pumpkin games, pumpkin food even pumpkin play dough!!  Finish herb books.  

Classes at:
 Adult & Community Education Excelsior Springs Area Career Center    Classes $19
614 Tiger Drive, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
REGISTER HERE:   816.630.9240     or here:   http://excelsiorspringsadulted.weebly.com

Fall 2017
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Tues    9/12    6-8 pm Putting The Garden To Bed:  Tips on “closing” down the garden, overwintering           
            plants/herbs & making seed packets.

Tues     10/10   6-8pm  Altered Journals:  Using scrapbook ephemera to cover composition notebooks.

Tues     10-24  6-8 pm Farm girl Aprons:  Cute and girly aprons made from jeans

Tues     11/7    6-8pm   Gift boxes and cards: Making paper boxes out of scrap book paper with ephemera/bow on top and matching gift card.

Echinacea at Rocky Creek 
Echinacea at Rocky Creek
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