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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Planning Gardens & Publishing Courses

Vertical garden

Asian Long Bean
High Tunnel
We are busy at the farm planning our  organic garden for summer.  This year there will be a “cancer garden” section in addition to the fairyland look of the four kinds of runner beans growing up and up then cascading down from the top of the high tunnel.  This creates a beautiful green vertical garden that delights the soul as well as the palate.  The cucurbits and the sweet potatoes also are planted vertically adding to the ambiance and conserving space.   

 We have instituted companion planting throughout the garden incorporating vegetables, herbs and flowers which not only increases the  beauty of the garden but helps keep pests at bay while promoting growth and flavor to the edibles. 

Our garden plan is online   .... Be sure to check out the notes for information on the companion planting.   

In keeping with our organic way of life, our fertilizers are nettles, milk, fish and kelp.  We are trying something new this year: MUSIC in the greenhouse!!   Classical music will be played throughout the day....will our crops be bigger?  More nutritious?  There is plenty of evidence that plants love music; all I know for sure is I do so at least I will enjoy my gardening whether or not the beans are sweeter!!


Our other big news from the farm is our ON LINE COURSES.  

The first one is ALL ABOUT BASIL and as a thank you to all our delightful customers and followers and as an introduction to our online courses it's FREE.  You may think you know basil, but I'll bet you don't!!   It's more than just a pesto.  It's medicinal prowess may surprise you.  So, CLICK THE LINK steep a cup of peppermint tea and take the course.  You'll be glad you did.

ALL ABOUT BASIL is just the beginning of our online Rocky Creek Valley Herbal School.  There is so much herbal goodness out there, I just have to share.  And, with the issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria becoming more and more problematic YOU need to know what you can do to protect your family.   I hope you'll join us on this incredible herbal journey.
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