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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HOW-TO-TUESDAY: Beecoming Benevolent

This may seem an odd topic for a farm blog.

But, let's think about it.

A farm has animals and plants.  And people.  And trees.  And untold numbers of unseen farm "helpers".  Bacteria. Bees.  Bees?  I say they are unseen because most folks never see or never notice the bees.

All of these things need benevolence from humans.  Children learn to be kind by taking care of animals and, yes, even plants.  Here at Rocky Creek my grandchildren know that the animals get their breakfast BEFORE we get ours.  I learned that from my Dad who learned it from his Dad.

So we practice benevolence by rescuing an animal from suffering.  By providing day-to-day care.  By giving love and receiving love from our companions in the other realms of life.  I've rescued plants as well as animals.  I have a Bonsai plant named Annie that I salvaged from the throw away bin at Lowe's 16 years ago.  She's beautiful.  She gives me joy.  I give her sustenance.  And, some would even say she somehow "feels" the love I give her.

We have an adorable dark calico cat our neighbor gave us that "just appeared" at their doorstep.  "Katie Scarlet" is one of the best cats we've ever owned--and that's a lot.  Her goal in life is to be loved and held like a baby.  I always say that an "adopted" animal is extra appreciative and loving.

I thought you might like this story about HOW TO save a stray honey bee.  I've seen lost bees many, many times and they ALWAYS die if they are stranded overnight.  It has been a mystery that I think this kind lady has solved.   Read her story here:HONEY BEE STORY HERE

FarmBoy Gary and I "putting to bed" our very first hive.
The girls getting to know their new home.

Capturing "wild" bees from a downed tree at a neighboring farm.

So, today, BEE KIND  :)
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