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Friday, October 9, 2015


Perhaps I'm showing my age, but I remember when DO IT YOURSELF was a cranky retort to a request for help.  These days DYI is an invitation to possibilities.  A personal quest to do.  To venture forth into the unknown world of creating, of crafting, of caring enough to do it right, to continue on even through imperfection.    To learn a new skill and bask in the glow of creating; To do it yourself.

With this premise in mind I present the next class in our HERBAL STUDIES:  DYI - household cleaners.  It may appear out of sync with HERBS. But, due to the many herbal and natural GERM KILLERS it harmonizes quite well.

The class CLEAN AND GREEN teaches how and why to detox your home and begin making and using household products for the laundry, the dishes, windows, floors, bathrooms, the kitchen and more.   Handouts include a class booklet with directions and recipes.
Optional make and take: fabric softener sheets $5.  Class fee is $20.

You can register here:   http://www.rockycreekvalley.com         Just scroll down to EDUCATION.
Or, you can simply sign up on facebook here:   https://www.facebook.com/events/496582730513051

If you have been given a special code, type it in at checkout.  You can view the entire class schedule on the website or here on this blog--just click the word HERB CLASSES at the top.

See you in class!  :)    
Tuesday, 10/13   10 am to noon. 
 Rocky Creek Valley Farm
37009 W. 156th St
Rayville, MO

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