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Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter In The Valley

Buffy Penny is pretty new to the farm.
Farm life slows down a bit during cold months.  Bed time is earlier--5 pm.  Not for me, but the chickens and rabbits call it a day at dusk.  Well, truth be known I think the rabbits have gab sessions in the wee hours, but haven't caught them at it...yet.
Millie trying to decide if she wants to go out in the snow.
Tilly likes catching a ride...plus she has a better vantage point to see in the feed bucket. 

Pepper snuggled in her apartment.  Let the wind howl, she's warm in her Angora coat!
Cherry Blossom, Nutmeg and Thumbelina chowing on the seasons last comfrey.
My beautiful Button and Daisy.  They've been gone almost a month and I still miss them.

I don't let them out on really cold days but when the sun is out and the temp is up they really don't mind the snow.  Yes, they still lay eggs in the winter!

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