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Friday, February 20, 2015

French Fries

It's hard to describe my emotions as I type this entry.  For me it's all about honesty, transparency and morality to say nothing of life and death.  How do french fries play into this?     In today's culture...a lot.  And, what does the french fry have to do with writing about the farm?  Think WHOLE FOOD connection.

It begins with the humble potato.  I love potatoes.  And, I love french fries.  This potato story links back to two years ago when I went into anaphalactic shock and took a trip to the ER with a subsequent 3 day stay in the hospital.

 (Read the full Alpha gal allergy story here)

I had contracted Alpha-gal from a tick bite-- an allergy to MEAT.  Although that diagnoses  happened MONTHS later--no thanks to my doctor.    That began my downward spiral into the dark world of lethal allergies. 

Besides MAMMAL MEAT the alpha-gal triggered allergies/sensitivities to many other foods such as DAIRY and GLUTEN.  Keep these three food groups in mind...

Several months after my trip to the ER two years ago I was spending the day running errands in the city and as usual, RUNNING is a key word here.  Too many things to do; too little time.  What do we as Americans do in that situation--pull into fast food drive thru.  I'll admit it.  I've always loved Micky's Dees french fries.  It's potato and cooking oil.  Right? 

Having recently been deprived of hamburger, steak, roast, sausage...well, you get the idea...and being a WHOLE FOODY from the farm, my diet consisted mostly of fresh farm vegetables, eggs and chicken.  I hadn't had fast food fries in a LONG time and those french fries smelled like heaven. I was actually salivating.

Shortly after ingestion, I began to recognize my food allergy symptoms: red, itchy swollen feet--my precursor to full blown anaphalactic shock.    Since the ONLY thing I had eaten was the french fries....well, it didn't take a Big Bang couch potato (pun intended)  to reach a conclusion.  But, potatoes?   Cooking oil?

My husband is my Galahad.  He began researching alpha-gal soon after my diagnosis just so we could see what I could actually eat.  His findings WERE UNBELIEVABLE.  But, french fries were not on his hit list.  Who would have thought they needed to be.  After my French Fry Episode my husband dutifully read everything available about Mickey Dees fries and discovered they had BEEF on them.  Well, no wonder they make me salivate.  No wonder they taste so good.

But, BEEF?  So, that's what caused my allergic reaction.  McD's fries went on my NO NO list.

Today I ran across this article about all the OTHER  ingredients in McD's fries.  WOW and double WOW.  Not only is there BEEF, there is DAIRY, there is GLUTEN.   Three of my serious allergens.

This is just wrong.  It is morally wrong to not disclose A FULL ingredient list at the point-of-sale.  Not only is it unethical not to tell us the complete ingredient list it is downright criminal when you take into consideration that these foods can kill some of us.       So, McDonald's......  BOO ON YOU!! 


And, if you are interested   You can read my full alpha gal story here.

Learning curve: Mythbusters host Grant Imahara traveled to the fast food chain's potato processing plant in Idaho to see the production process from start to finish

PS  And, of course, most peeps are not allergic to beef, milk & wheat, but notice all the other CHEMICALS!!
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