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Saturday, July 5, 2014


What an unbelievable busy Spring we've  had...planning, planting, weeding, milking, mowing , etc! More about that later...

For now....I'm so excited about this online SUMMIT about growing your own FOOD. It starts Monday July 7.   Anytime I can go to a lecture in my farm boots and muddy jeans...count me in.  Me and my laptop can sit on the deck, watch the summit while Toby (Mini Aussie puppy) and Katie Scarlet (#1 cat) snore at my feet.    AND, one of the speakers is my fav... JOEL SALATIN.    AND, it's FREE.  What more could you ask?

Check it out: 
HERE JoelSalatin

We are busy growing stuff in our first-year high tunnel and in our field gardens and in our raised beds.  I'm growing veggies....mother nature is growing weeds!

So, back to the FOOD SUMMIT.   You don't have to "attend" every lecture...only those that interest you.  And, those that you have time for.  Register HERE

I have four lovable kittens ...just call me if you need a mouser extraordinaire.  They are 3rd generation here at the farm so we KNOW they have THE most lovable cat genes ever.

One more time: don't let this FOOD SUMMIT pass without you.  If you have EVER wanted to grow your food and get off the corporate chemical assembly line, start now.  Begin now.  There is SO much info being presented here; you have no excuse.  Its free.  It's convenient.

Sign up now: 

AND...did I mention you get FREE STUFF just for registering!!!   Whoop. Whoop.  So, even if you don't have time to watch the summit, you'll still get the free stuff.   REGISTER HERE
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