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Monday, July 7, 2014

Farm Eggs

Well, let's see.  What would you use to take a family vacation?  THIS...


                        It's a no brainer, right?

For me, the choice of eggs is the same no brainer.  FARM eggs or grocery store eggs?   My sweet chickens sing their happy song as they browse all day long hunting and pecking for worms, bugs, grass, herbs, seeds and the occasional hapless  kitten snoring in the sun.

And, the nutrition in true free range eggs is OFF THE CHARTS.  AND, if the eggs are fertilized, as ours are, they are even better for you.

Some folks may take issue with the bulked-up body builders, but the TRUE-to-the-art (and it is an art) fitness gurus steer clear of drug short cuts and go for the real deal--natural foods.   And, this includes free range fertilized eggs.    Take a look at THIS article about the nutrition of an egg--and yes, the author LOVES Rocky Creek Eggs.

 Rock Body Muscle Building Fitness Motivation

Rock Body Fitness is a die hard proponent of the nutritional superiority of raw (farm) eggs (do not eat raw grocery store eggs.  Buy only from LOCAL TRUSTED FARMERS.)  Dr. Mercola is also an advocate for eating raw eggs; check out his article HERE.

 I eat a lot of eggs, many of which are raw; I have at least one in my smoothie every morning.  My annual physical stats are stunning: NORMAL cholesterol.  NORMAL blood pressure.  NO prescription drugs needed.

 If you want some quick smoothie ideas try my website (Rocky Creek Valley Farm)    HERE.

    Get Your Anabolic Fertilized Eggs Here
                                            WHATCHA WAITIN' FOR?!

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