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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If you know me at all you know I am a proponent of REAL FOOD. Good old fashioned food from the garden not a corporate field. Good old fashioned food from the kitchen not a factory. Good old fashioned bacteria that work hard to keep you well (probiotics).

If you begin to practice eating right you will see your health skyrocket. Here at Rocky Creek we garden like two fools. We experiment with organic gardening techniques. Then we take those foods and experiment in the kitchen. We have pots and jars of probiotics "perking" on the counter--kefir, kombucha, cultered veggies, sprouting grains. It's a veritable living laboratory.

This lifestyle is shared with our livestock--just today they got their dose of probiotics.

I follow several real food blogs and I do have my favs. One of these is WEED EM AND REAP. I love this blog. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

My beautiful kefir babies. I alternate them in real milk so they can eat and coconut milk which I can eat!
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