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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shivers and Livers

Woo hoo...14 degrees yesterday morning and 16 the morning before.

(I spent all of yesterday trying to get a cute pic of Daisy--the Queen Bee of the Goat Yard--downloaded. Don't know if the problem was sun spots or alien pranks, but I finally got it to work.)

For the first time EVER my goats were shivering during the morning milking. I felt bad for cleaning their udders. The water was warm, but once it hit that cold air...well say no more.

I gave them a vigorous rub down to try and get that circulation going so they would warm up quicker. Once they downed their grain and started on their hay they seemed to warm up. My barn is pretty cozy and warm, but when the temps drop below 20 it's just cold that's all there is to it.

I give my goats dandelion on occasion, they aren't crazy about them but will munch at their leisure. Dandelion is sooo good for animals and people as well. Everyone here gets a regular dose: cats, Cassie (dog), goats, chickens and rabbits.

The rabbits LOVE dandelions and always scurry and scamper to be the first to get a bite. Dandelion, among a host of other things, is good for cleansing the liver. Your liver works hard: over 500 functions, so it needs a boost to keep it in good working order. It's packed with nutrients that help keep my animals in optimal health.

I use dandelion in my FIRST AID SALVE and also make a tincture from it. Spring leaves are good in salads, blossoms in fritattas and pancakes just to name a few culinary uses.

And, let's not forget that all important "making a wish" component.....
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