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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rainy Day

Oh I'm so happy---Daylight Savings Time is OVER. Whewww. Made it through another summer. I'm a lark, you see. Larks love mornings. This lark loves doing chores in the daylight. This lark loves having more time in the a.m. to get things done. When daylight is delayed, chores are delayed, tasks are delayed. And, don't even get me started on evening snaffus because of the extended daylight. Enough on that subject.

So, it's been a while since I've been here. My little fingers have been busy with other farm related stuff; but I'm going to make a valiant effort to journal my journey. After all, I know a lot of you keep checking and checking to see what's new.

Milking is full swing. Customers just love my sweet sweet goat milk. I have four fresh but until this morning I was only milking three and letting my darling little Chloe (4 months old) have all she wanted. She is a twin and was super tiny so I didn't mind her drinking her fill every day. But, she's a fine little future milker now and has to grow up a little bit. I will still let her nurse all day, pen her mom, Polly, up at night, milk Polly in the mornings and let Chloe run with her mom all day. I learned this neat once a day milking procedure from Molly--a delightful lady who shares all she knows on her website.CLICK HERE TO CHECK HER OUT

Chloe-one hour old. Isn't she a beauty?

Yesterday I cleaned the chicken house, goat barn and rabbitry or as I like to call it Briar Patch. I have four gorgeous Angora rabbit does--Cherry Blossom, Nutmeg, Thumbalina and Pepper, one buck, Paddy, and one adorable little male of unkown origin--S'mores. Brair Patch is an ingenious creation of my farmboy husband, Gary. It has apartments, sunporches and ramps down to the yards. The rabbits love it.

So it's raining this morning so I am going to make my grand daughter a birthday dress, make a Master Tonic CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE and do up the rest of the pears a friend of mine gave me. The Master Tonic is similar to the Fire Cider I used to make. I'll let you know how much of this to do today list I actually get done!

Have an herbalicious day.
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