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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Aid on the Farm

I mentioned my herbal first aid last week; here's one of my healing stories.

This spring when my does had their kids, one of my goats, Becky, tore her udder.

It went about 3 inches one direction then turned and went another 3-4 inches. There were 2 flaps hanging open like curtains in a bad play.

It happened on a Saturday morning; I buy feed on Saturdays so I mentioned it to my feed lady. She recommended a product made specifically for animal wounds and one of her customers joined in to tell me how wonderfully the product worked.

I told them about my herbal protocol that had always worked well, although this was by far the worst wound I had used it on. I said that by Monday I would be able to tell which way the wound was going; if I needed to I would come back and buy the OTC product.

I washed the entire area with soap and water.

Step One: spray with hydrogen peroxide. Blot off excess foam with clean tissue, paper towel or cotton ball.

Step Two: Spray wound with echinacea tincture.

Step Three: Slather with dandelion salve. I used a plastic glove to do this. I usually bandage after this step, but this was not an option here so I just put more salve on and around the wound than I usually do.

All done. I was very worried about there being no bandage to keep it clean. She lays in the barn, the barn yard and the pasture opening her up to all sorts of nasties getting into the wound.

By Monday, the wound looked so much better I didn't even consider buying the OTC wound product. I applied the herbal protocol 3 or 4 times a day for about a week, then twice a day at milking time.

The wound healed incredibly fast without a hint of infection.

This is Becky today; all well with just a tiny scar. She is still sharing that sweet sweet milk that our costumers love.

I make the echinacea tincture and the dandelion salve; they are sold separately or in a first aid kit along with hydrogen peroxide and bandages. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE FIRST AID KIT.

On a side note--I noticed Becky's kid's face and ears looked strange. "What now," I thought. Can you see the discoloration on his face? After the 2nd day I decided to take a scraping and look at it under my microscope to see if he had any beasties crawling around under that beautiful angora hair.

That's when I realized he had gotten dandelion salve all over his face and ears when he was nursing!!! Wow, that was a relief.
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