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Friday, November 15, 2013

Clean The Frig

Today is national Clean Your Refrigerator Day so I took the opportunity to sort out my kefir. I LOVE my little kefir grains.

Aren't they adorable?

Since my alpha-gal allergy to all things mammal I can't drink my beloved goats milk, so I kefir in rice milk and almond milk. It's a little tricky as the kefir grains do not feed on anything but the real deal-MILK. So, every two days I put them in goats milk to feed them, then I rinse them and put them in either rice milk or almond milk. As I understand it, the "faux" milk products do not have as many probiotics as it does in real milk, but I figure it's better than nothing.

I add a couple tablespoons of kefir to my morning smoothie.

I learned how to make non-milk kefir from this wonderful lady who shares her life stories and recipes HERE. She has amazing stories of health restorations.

This is a pint of milk kefir...since I make it every day to keep my grains healthy I have a lot more than my husband can drink. So, naturally I share it with my dog, Cassie, my cats--all seven of them--and my chickens. They all just love it and it keeps their tummys working wonderfully.
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