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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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I recently acquired a new hive that I'm very excited about...the bees are the result of crossing a wild hive with Italian bees.  They are just beautiful--all dark and mysterious.  I bought them from a beekeeper who practices natural beekeeping--no medicines, pesticides, chemicals, etc.  The result is a hardy hive with strong immune systems. 

It was late in the season for a new hive, so to ensure that they have enough to eat through the winter I have to  feed them sugar water.  Ordinarily, I am against sugar, but in this case, the bees will die if they do not have enough honey to see them through till spring and the flowers are few and far between this time of year.

It's simple enough.  You'll need sugar, water, a mixing/storing jar, 2 smaller jars and a measuring cup.

I made the fall sugar water recipe which is 2 parts sugar to 1 part NON-CHLORINATED water.   My hot water is SUPER hot, so all I do is add the water to the sugar and let it sit until the sugar is dissolved.  You may have to cook it on low for a few minutes.  Let the water COOL completely.

Poke several small holes in the lids then pour some sugar water into 2 pint jars and place in empty super on top of hive.  I use shims to hold the jars off the "floor".  This gives the bees just enough room to walk under and draw the water from the holes.  Some folks put these jars outside the hive, but I like them inside.  This protects them from weather and other sugar lovers.  And, if it's raining, the bees can still get their sugar water. You can see them congregated in the center of the photo....they come up through that oval hole from the main hive into the empty super. Aren't they adorable?

Americas bees are dying at an alarming rate which affects our food supply.  Being informed is the first step to finding a solution to this problem.  You can start by having a look around this website and watching the film.
 Vanishing of the Bees Film :: Home brought to you by The Co-operative

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