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Thursday, October 18, 2012

These Boots Are Made For Workin'

Everyone needs a good pair of work boots. I mean at some point you are going to be shoveling, sanding or sorting. I searched far and wide for these and I love them.

I don't baby my boots. They hike in rocks. They shovel in manure. They plant in dirt. They carry hay and feed. They rake leaves and catch chickens. They run after a coyote, chase the dog chasing the bus and build a cold frame. They clean out the stock tank and take folks for a farm tour. They do the milking and carry in firewood. And, they look it!

Since I have this nice new jar of "Furniture Polish" -- which is code for Wonder Wax--(Hey, I think that's what I'll call it.) I thought I'd clean up my boots.

I use the Karate Kid method: wipe on/wipe off. It really is that easy. The entire process took 7 minutes--photography included. I don't like to double dip my dirty cloth in the wax, so I use a spoon to scrape out a small amount, wipe it on the rag and apply to the boot. Or whatever you're polishing/waxing.

Half done.

All done.

And, if I was so inclined, I could have buffed them with a cloth to make them really shine.

My hands get as rough a workout as my boots. In fact a farmers market friend makes body products. She took hold of my hand one day at market and said, Oh My Gosh, this is terrible!

So, I rubbed the wax into my hands and kept them out of water all afternoon while I did computer work. My friend should feel them now....ummmm smooth! I actually had a man kiss my hand the other day in saying good bye. How lovely and continental.

I hope you are inspired to try making the Wonder Wax...I know you'll like it.
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