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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When I was a little girl I always spent part of the summer with my grandparents--Grandpa Henry and Grandma Lizzy. It was the highlight of my life. Kittens. Cousins. Featherbed. Outhouse. Adventures untold. It's where I fell in love with farm life.

This is Grandma Lizzy. Isn't she beautiful?

And chickens. I loved Grandma's chickens. Grandma let us girls gather the eggs and by some magic known only to seven year olds some of the eggs landed in our "kitchen" instead of Grandma's.

Eggs are good for a lot of things such as stuffing tiny halter tops just to see what being grown up feels like. (Wonder of all wonders, not one egg ever broke in our clothes.)

Dorothy and her infectious smile.

My cousin Dorothy and I through much trial and error created the best recipe for using eggs:

2 parts fine dirt like the kind chickens love to dust bathe in

1 part well water, hand pumped and ice cold.

1 small handful leaves torn into bits--these always work better if they are gathered in a fit of giggles.

Mix thoroughly and vigorously with Grandma's borrowed spoon. Or, if caught before we got out the door, two sticks work almost as well.

Blend well--a few lumps are acceptable--then add the crowning touch. That magical part that transforms a muddy concoction into the perfect culinary masterpiece: one egg. Or, if we were feeling particularly adventurous and brave, two eggs. Bake in sun for 15 minutes. Five minutes will work if you are really busy or if you see Grandma filling the old galvanized tub with water and you know "swim" time is imminent.

Garnish with an acorn. Wah-la: the perfect Kansas Pie.

I've often thought that maybe this is why I love to mix up herbal concoctions. I dig in the dirt. I mix and measure by parts. I get that same feeling of satisfaction. Healing comes in the making as well as the remedy itself. Thank you, Grandma, for those experiences. And, thank you, Dorothy, for all our adventures.

If you like to stir things up once in a while and like the idea of healing naturally then you'll love my herb classes. Next Tuesday in the herb cottage here at the farm we will be learning to make creamy herbal salves for all those little owies and herbal extracts that nudge the body into wellness. No eggs involved. So, come on out-- we'll sip herb tea, talk and make magical mixtures of wellness. There may even be a giggle or two.

Tuesday October 9

10 AM to noon

Rocky Creek Valley Farm 37009 W. 156th St Rayville, MO 60484


Call or email to register. 816-853-0440 or lizzy@rcvfarm.com View the entire herb class schedule on our web: HERE.
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