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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HOW-TO-TUESDAY Furniture Polish

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I was recently asked about making a natural furniture polish or wax out of beeswax. It reminded me of this SIMPLE wax that has MULTIPLE uses. You don't need spray waxes, polishes or dusting aids. Once you make and use this wonderful, versatile wax you will be sold on it.

Don't be timid; this is Easy to make with a capital E.

Assemble supplies: double boiler or other pan, multiple cup transparent measuring cup, vegetable oil, beeswax and essential oil is optional. Any kind of vegetable oil will work: olive, almond, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba...well you get the picture.

I use olive oil because I always have it on hand.

I DO NOT USE MINERAL OIL. Mineral oil is a petroleum product and has no place in my recipes!

You can make any amount of furniture polish you want--just use a 1:4 rato. One part beeswax to 4 parts oil.

An easy breezy way to get your ratios correct: Pour one cup oil into measuring cup, then add beeswax until the oil measures 1 1/4 cups.

Pour oil and beeswax into a pan. Heat GENTLY over low fire--a double boiler is best--until beeswax is melted.

Let cool slightly, add essential oil. Make it as strong or subtle as you like. I like lemon or orange...makes the furniture smell clean.

Remove from heat.

Pour into wide mouth jar for easy retrieval. Leave the lid off until it is completely cooled to prevent condensation.

YOU ARE DONE! Could it be any easier!

Shelf life is about a year....longer if you refrigerate.

Apply to wood rubbing gently and working it into the wood then wipe off with soft cloth. Here's the best thing: you only need to do this once a year. The rest of the time just dust! This polish will clean, polish and protect your furniture. It is good for unfinished or finished wood. And, it's FABULOUSLY natural for home made wooden toys--WALDORF style.

And, another perk: because this "polish" is made from wonderful natural safe ingredients it can be used for so many other things. You'll notice how soft your hands are after using! So use it for those rough calloused places on your feet. Olive oil has many healing properties so it can be used for "owies"--bites, scratches, etc. Can be used on kids,animals and husbands!

On the farm I use it for my goat's hooves and horns. It's a great leather conditioner--boots, bags, saddles. Be creative.

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