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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HOW-TO-TUESDAY Install a Web Button

Well today is THE day.

Welcome to the first official HOW-TO-TUESDAY. It's sooo easy-- just fill in the blanks at the bottom to link this page to YOUR how-to on your page.

How To yellow

Since I spent so much time trying to figure out web buttons, I decided to share it. HOW TO ADD A BUTTON TO YOUR BLOG. I use Blogger.

Decide on a photo.You can edit it in photobucket to add text or whatever.

Upload photo to photobucket. (You could use another online photo storage, but I KNOW this one is easy and FREE.

Click on IMAGE LINKS. Click on the link. It automatically copies it when you click it.

Copy this link into your blog gadget box--DIRECTIONS FOR THAT BELOW:

Click on Design up in the tool bar.

Click on Layout on the left-hand side.

Click on Add A gadget.

Scroll down to HTML/Javascript.

Copy the code from Photobucket into the box and add a title at the top. SAVE. DONE!
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