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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Horror

I was thinking of food this morning. Actually, I think about food a lot. Afflictions I've had over the years have been food related--my most recent Alpha-Gal allergy.

And, I often think of things I could have done differently raising my family. The elimination of FAST FOODS being one of them. It is one of my greatest shortfalls as a mother to admit that some of my daughter's first words were "Fench fwy" and "coke".

I was young and unwise.

Now I am old(er) and wise(er.

Since ubiquitous McDonald's was the first fast food we frequented, and is available on every other corner, I usually use them for my example. This is not to say other fast foods are not equally as guilty of faux food.

Today kids will be suiting up for trick/treating and moms will be scurrying around trying to make it happen. The perfect time for fast food. In my mind I see little ghosts clutching french fry packets, the undead gobbling down a burger and Justin Bieber look-alikes guzzling a diet coke.

It makes my stomach tighten. The lists of BAD things you are eating along with that #1 are no secret. But, we get busy and we forget. We are in a hurry so we justify.

Please, moms. THINK about the horror that years of fast food will do to your child.

A good way to keep reminding ourselves of the damage hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil will do to our bodies is to read, Read, READ. The research has been done for you folks. GMO and high fructose corn syrup are villains masked as nutrition; not just for Halloween, but every day.

And, if you want to see a real fast food HALLOWEEN HORROR go HERE
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