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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Chickens Do Good Fences Make

Some of you may remember when we erected a five foot chicken fence between us and our neighbor. It was the result of said neighbor's dog attack on my Mables. I had 15 at the time.

Now, in all fairness, the Mables probably instigated the attack. Unintentionally of course. Our neighbor keeps a large pan of dry dog food in his garage which he subsequently leaves open for his dogs to eat a la carte. Mabels had developed quite a taste for it and I'm sure that played a part in the fatal ambush of most of my Mable flock.

After burying multiple Mables FarmBoy Gary and I put up the fence between chickens and dog food. The problem was that at one end of the fence there was a space of several feet occupied by large LARGE and thick and did I say large poison ivy vines, bushes and small hedges. Neither of us wanted to tackle it in it's present leafed out state.

Eventually a few chickens found their way through the poison ivy jungle. One of those chickens was Milly. She did this recon prior to her adoption of 20 chicks. This week they have ventured further and further from the hen yard.

Today Neighbor called to say Milly and all her chicks were pecking away happily at the dog food. How rude.

Consequently, FarmBoy and I scuttled our previous plans for the day and tackled that poison ivy so we could finish the fence. Since we've had several freezes the poison ivy patch was manageable and the fence is up.

Milly and her delinquents will have to find other diversions tomorrow.
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