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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Tessa and Charlie sittin in a tree


First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes Tessa with a baby carriage!

Tessa is one of my milk goats; Charlie is my little boy goat. What a stud.

This is my first ever experience at breeding goats so I am super excited....and praying for GOOD WEATHER on March 1! But, even if March comes in like a lion, I have a plan B.

It involves heat lamps and garages!

I took some cute pictures of them yesterday (Tessa and Charlie) but I just realized my camera is over in the herb cottage. And, it's still dark outside (No thanks, Ben Franklin) and I'm still in my jammies. So, pics to come later.

I've been feeding Tessa a special diet in preparation for motherhood. (More on that later) She is fresh now and this baby will be her second.

Gotta run, but just wanted to share the news.....
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