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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rocky Creek Class Schedule Fall 2012

HERB CLASSES - All classes Tuesdays 10am to noon $20 per class (Make and Takes $5 extra) October 9 Making Remedies Learn to make simple herbal remedies that were the mainstay of our ancestral medicine chest: salves, extracts, elixirs. Optional make and take remedy $5.

October 23 Herbal Antibiotics Germs can run through a generation in 20 minutes. Is it any wonder that they develop resistance to antibiotics so quickly? Learn about herbs natural antibiotic properties, which ones do what, how you can use them and how you can make them. Optional make and take $5.

November 6 ROOTS Get to the bottom of things during our autumn herb root class. We will study dandelion, burdock and horseradish and learn how they can improve the quality of life. Weather permitting we will go on an outdoor digging expedition! Optional make and take $5.

November 27 First Aid Stock your first aid kit with herbal remedies and learn basic “field first aid” using wild plants. Optional make and take $5.

December 4 Herbal Gifts Explore the world of herbal teas, vinegars, sachets, sprays, potpourri and mineral baths. Optional make and take $5.

CRAFT CLASSES All classes Tuesdays 10am to noon $10 per class October 30 Cards/Envelopes Use scrapbooking elements for making beautiful “wow” special occasion cards/envelopes. November 20 Scrapbooking Supplies are all set out; come on by and join in the fun.

December 11 Gift Boxes Various size boxes made from scrapbooking paper.
Don't settle for assembly line-store-bought cards. To the left are our glorious little designer cards and on the right are the gift boxes. Aren't they beautiful.

I started this last year and it was so successful I am offering past students a chance for refresher courses again this year. Providing the class is not already full, any class that you have already taken YOU CAN TAKE AGAIN FOR FREE. I usually offer new information in each class plus it's a great way to reinforce what has been presented before.

ALSO, if you take three classes in one calendar year, the forth one is half off! Call or email me to register. YOU WILL HAVE TO TELL ME if it's a free class for you that way I don't have to keep track of everyone!

Girls just want to have fun! This is last years ROOTS (First Frost) class.

Making brooms in craft class. Unfortunately, there will be no broom class this year as it only got 2 feet tall and made little tiny t!eensy weensy broom bristles! Drat the drought.

I love my classroom old fashioned black board. Thanks to family for obtaining it for me from an old school building that was closed. It was no easy task to install either as the wall is CEMENT. But, several smashed thumbs, bruised knees and trips to the hardware store later it's on the wall. It's been up a year and I have broken countless pieces of chalk but have never scraped a fingernail!

We have a diversity of classes and meetings...This is a Trust Birth class for those with an interest in natural childbirth.
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