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Monday, February 6, 2012

Biodynamic Gardening

It's WINTER! Really, 60 degree days and no snow accumulation? My plants are so confused.
We've been busy here at the farm regardless of the season. Planting...YES, planting. Winter sowing.
These are my nine raised beds that my FarmBoy Gary made covers for. I've planted herbs and vegetables--every other row was planted using the "biodynamic" method: same seeds, same environment so I can easily tell if there is a difference. Biodynamic gardening goes a step beyond organic...or several steps actually. It is based on Rudolf Steiner's 1924 Agricultural Course. Check out the calendar in GOOD STUFF (look to the RIGHT--click on the book.) Last week I "milk" fertilized all the raised beds. It's no small chore to take off the brick weights and roll back the plastic. Today is a "leaf" planting day (biodynamic method) so am going to sow more seeds...this will finish up the raised beds.

I am also winter sowing in milk jugs; you can use any transparent plastic container. The seeds will germinate as the weather permits. When it's time to transplant, the seedlings will already be hardened off. This is my first year at this so we'll see how well it works. I love all the containers lined up against the little greenhouse....waiting, waiting till Spring.
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