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Monday, October 10, 2011

New Additions

We are gradually adding to our farm family. We've been looking for goats and a guard dog and finally found some. We purchased three goats, two of which are home on the farm. Two little mixed breeds for fun (Alpine/Toggenburg/Nigerian?), Coco, the little girl and Willie the whether. They were wild as March hares when they arrived via dog kennel in the pick-up but are taming down nicely. They actually let me touch the sides of their faces and yesterday when Coco escaped the goat pen (twice) she followed Farmboy Gary right back in through the gate. Guess they are loving their new diet!

Farmboy went to a conference and stopped en-route to check on some Anatolian/Akbash puppies I found on Craig's List. Sure enough, one male made the Rocky Creek standard! And, of course, his name is Rocky. I've never had a guard dog before...they are so different--in a good way. He made his escape twice his first night home and once the second night. At least he came right to the back door and woke me up. Both nights I put him in the dog kennel for the rest of the night until I could find the escape hole and fix it the next day. Now he seems content and is bonding nicely with Coco and Willie.

Tomorrow is class day for home schoolers. Life Science: PUMPKINS! We will be studying, carving, painting and tattooing! With a few games thrown in. It's $5 a kid, come on out and enjoy the fun. Call to register. 816-853-0440.
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