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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hot Heat

Convalescing Mable walked out of the coop this morning of her own accord. She is obviously still not well, but getting much better. The other two Mables are keeping her company and cheering her up which, I'm convinced, speeds her healing process. Jack mopes around outside their pen...at least he is not going over to the neighbors without them. The fence is not up yet...still waiting on the phone company to mark their lines...we all know what waiting on a utility company is like.

It is 105 in the henhouse. They are sprawled all over; dug down into the ground like little half-buried feather-covered melons. We spray the henhouse to settle the dust and make it somewhat cooler; we pray for evening and a reprieve from the heat.

Hubs took my first load of recycled water to the garden from my vegetable washing station. The beans and tomatoes were grateful.

I got good news from the doctor today about the sunspot on my arm...benign. Plus, my blood pressure was perfect (their words) and they said I could stand to gain a few pounds and that I had a happy face. Wow...Christmas in August. Life is good.
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