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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Classes - HERB, KIDS & CRAFT

I am very excited about this season's line up. Not only are we offering our HERB classes, but have added KID and CRAFT classes. The schedules are posted on our website HERE and on our Facebook page discussion board.

The scheduled herb classes are our most popular and we will add even more great classes to the line up after the first of the year--after farmers markets and shows. First herb class- 3 ROOTS- is Sep 13 Tues 10 to noon. Cost $20. We will be studying dandelion, burdock and yellow dock, digging them up and making traditional remedies.

Kids classes are great for home schoolers and are designed to be of interest to all ages. The worksheets and tests are age-specific, but the subject matter, activities and “labs” are appropriate for a wide age range. The science is presented both in understandable, simple language and demonstrations for the young students and also in more technical terms for advanced students. Vocabulary and spelling words are age appropriate.

The Life Science Course-Plants is presented once a month over a four month period this fall, assignments will be given for follow-up at the next class. However, assignment follow-up can be done at home if you elect not to take all classes. Students will make a Life Science-Plants notebook which will contain all their worksheets and projects. The first class- Plant Anatomy- is Sept 6 Tuesday 10 am to noon. Cost is $5 per child. Multiple children discount. Bring sack lunch and enjoy the farm. Moms can sip herb tea and relax during class!

Class specimens and examples will be related to plants and herbs growing at Rocky Creek Valley Farm.

Craft classes are scheduled through December. Our first one on Sept 20 at 10 am to 12:30 pm "Introduction to Milled Soap Making" is being taught by guest instructor Shonna Hilliard from Red Shed Soap. Cost is $20. Sign up early as it is a popular class.

We just moved the kiln and molds to Rocky Creek and will be having ceramic classes after the first of the year. Hoorah!

We will have one craft class a month and the 2012 schedule will be posted at a later date.

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