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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Here!

Planting time that is. OMGSH...I'm not reading, writing, blogging, networking or How-To-ing; I'm barely eating...I'm only PLANTING, DIGGING and aligning rows! Come on out and see our gardens in progress. Farmer Gary just completed our 9 raised beds and they are so beautiful...all full of compost and looking good. The six 30x72 beds are partially planted and marked for rows. Gary and Bob (the tractor) are hauling seasoned hay to the garden sites and I am laying it down in rows...later more will go around the plants on top of newspaper.

My LAST HERB CLASS of the season is tomorrow from 10 to noon. Stop by, learn some herb stuff and have some herb fun! Be sure to wear old clothes, this class is outside. We will be in the gardens and in the wild herbing to our hearts content.

The chicks are 7 and 8 weeks old; we have had such cold (freezing) nights we've kept on the heat lamps. Last night was finally warm enough to leave it off but the chicks were afraid of the dark! They were trampling over one another with life-threatning clamor. It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with them so I finally put in a small wattage bulb for a night light. They settled right down and went to sleep.

I am an advocate of natural rearing for dogs/cats; check out the link on my facebook page from a vet who also recommends it. And, the Amazon widget over to the right will lead you directly to Juliette Levy's books; she is a pioneer in herbal usage and natural animal rearing.

We got our first bunny; she belonged to our grandaughter and they are moving so "Charlie" came to the farm. She's adorable and getting acquainted with the other farm inhabitants.

Our YouTube channel is growing--check it out.

Well, gotta get ready for class tomorrow then back to planting. Life is Good.
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