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Monday, April 11, 2011

Smooth Move

I think a lot about good food. Not in the culinary-taste-testing-dinner out kind of way, but in the what's-in-it and what's-it-doing-to-my-body way. This morning I read an article to read it go HERE describing the affects of aspertame and MSG on our bodies and I have to tell you, I no longer want to say put down that diet soda. Instead, at the risk of being arrested for assault, I want to knock it out of your hand. (And, MONSANTO, just keeps on showing up everytime there is an attack on your health).

Your choice is this: guzzle a drink that "excites" your brain cells to the point of cell death or drink a smoothie. Continue to drink and eat aspertame(Nutra Sweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal Measure) proven to cause depression, brain lessions, fatigue, anxiety, heart palpatations and memory loss (just to name a few) or take five minutes and fix a smoothie. OMGSH..does that decision even require thought? At least adults have a measure of protection with the blood-brain barrier. But, in children this "fence" is not fully built yet, so their vulnerability to brain damage is exponentially higher. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not take my word for this. There is ample evidence. Multitudes of studies. Scores of trusted researchers have presented a clear message: Aspertame is dangerous. Let me repeat: ASPERTAME IS DANGEROUS. Stop ingesting it. Stop giving it to your kids. Read labels. Do some research. Start here. This article lists doctors and scientists and studies and symptoms and actions and in-actions by the FDA.

Making smoothies is a natural alternative to unhealthy drinks. It is SO easy. And, it's quick. And, there is an unlimited variety. Check out my smoothie matirix HERE. It's a quick-to-read chart on smoothie possibilites. If the words "chart" and "matrix" turn you off, think of it as a Smoothie Super Recipe. The Mother of all Smoothie Recipes.

Once you start making smoothies, there will be no stopping you! They are quick, easy and kids love them. They not only like drinking them, they like making them and deciding what goes in them. So, come on Mom, get crackin'. Take charge of your health and your kids' health. HAVE A SMOOTHIE!
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