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Monday, March 21, 2011

National Poultry Day

How appropo! National Poultry Day is this week and I am surrounded with new chicks. My New Hampshire Reds (red chickens/med. brown eggs) and the Cochins (some buff, some black) are six days old and nestled in their cardboard coop inside the Herb Cottage where they will stay for a couple of weeks. My other new chicks are coming Wednesday. Ameracanas (white chickens/med-small Easter eggs!) and Giant Jerseys (black chickens/LARGE brown eggs). Their peep-peep-peeps are just adorable. I love the shape of their little bodies. I have two heat lamps on them and keep a thermometer on the floor so I always know the temp. It should stay between 95 and 105. When they are big enough I will move them to the brooder house, then to the BIG chicken coop which we are in the process of remodeling.

I drew a chart that shows when they will begin laying, how long they will lay and how many eggs I should get. I combined it with my Mables' chart so I hope I can tell how many dozen will be available to sell at Farmer's Markets each week this summer. Mables are Red Sex Link chickens, also called Red Star (red chickens/ med brown eggs). They get their name from being able to tell their sex when they are hatched. Jumpin' Jack Flash, my rooster, is a Cochin Banty. He loves his Mables and takes such good care of them. This morning he started crowing just before dawn...I love to listen to him. He is so enthusiastic and ready for his day. Life is Good.
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