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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home On The Range

WHAT A SUMMER and fall!!! Making gardens out of hayfields, planting, weeding, harvesting and making herbal product for four farmers markets, walking and re-walking the forty acres, practicing beekeeping, planning future gardens, moving into the Herb Cottage temporarily (more on that later), welcoming one of my children and his family back to his home state, setting up the mobile home, selling at Holiday Craft shows, reveling in the arrival of a new grandchild (#9)...Beautiful little Elli, watching all my grandchildren climb our "mountain" (sorry Dorothy, I just gotta call it a mountain!)tending my new flock of hens (two eggs so far), deciding to get a milk cow, preparing for the goats, tweaking barn plans, loving the barn kittens who somehow never made it out to the barn, disconnecting the automatic electric light pole so we can better view the stars and generally living the country life. We were without TV and internet for MONTHS, but are now re-connected to the world. Even though it was a major inconvenience not to have web access, I have enjoyed my summer being so CONNECTED to the Earth and have reached the conclusion that most folks are DISCONNECTED. Regardless of where you live take a moment to go outside if possible, close your eyes and travel into the earth. Feel the solidness, the security, the safety of the earth. Ground yourself and you will feel more happiness, more joy, more peace. I love my farm. I can't believe it has taken me all these years to finally get here. Life is good.
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