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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


OMGsh.....OH MY GOSH. How far will the food industry go to make a dollar?? How much information does the public need to stop eating food that goes to war with your body the instant you put it into your mouth? Every year more of us become sick with any number of illnesses. We are miserable, our families are miserable. We clamor for health care. We line up for government assistance. We scream in indignation for government intervention. Folks, the government isn't going to help put good food into your mouth. The government has sanctioned the food you get at the supermarket and restaurants and my New Year's Wish is for you to read about that food. Read about what the government agencies have approved. PLEASE, give yourself the gift of health this year. Eat local. Buy organic. The good food movement is growing (no pun intended) in your area...FIND IT. Give your body a fighting chance.

This link talks about ammonia in your fast food burgers...yes, ammonia. As reported in the New York Times. Conceived in the board rooms of McDonalds, Burger King and others; sanctioned by the government. Why? To fatten their bottom line. Ammonia is added to kill E. Coli. Sounds like they are protecting us? No. They HAVE to add something because the "beef" they are adding it to is not fit for human consumption. It takes three minutes to read it...you have three minutes!

This year I pledge to do more to spread the word, to help you eat your way to health.

Window cleaning chemical injected into fast food hamburger meat
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