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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing...Soy

Whenever I have cautioned folks about eating soy I almost always get the raised eyebrow, the doubtful look in their eye. So, whenever I find supporting documentation, I always like to share with you. An article recently posted on AlterNet.org outlines some of the most hazardous and alarming components about consuming soy.

Soy's money making abilities soared from $300 million in 1992 to $4 billion in 2008. Over 3/4 of our processed food and almost all of our fast food contain soy. Hamburger--in there, mac and cheese, salad dressings, even chicken nuggets..it's in there. Mary Vance for Terrain Magazine wrote: "It hides in tofu dogs under aliases such as textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and lecithin--which is troubling, since the processing required to hydrolyze soy protein into vegetable protein produces excitotoxins such as glutamate (think MSG) and aspartate (a component of aspartame), which cause brain-cell death."

Whenever something is making money, it's hard to pull it from the shelves and will only happen if consumers step in and make their wishes known where it will be heard, in the billfold. READ LABELS. ASK QUESTIONS.

In 2000 the American Heart Association and the FDA couldn't say enough good things about soy. Now, the American Heart Association has ever so behind the scenes pulled its support from soy. This quiet little move has gone unheralded in the media. New research continues to highlight potential risk and diminish the so-called health benefits of soy.

Now don't get me wrong, soy can be healthy -- in small FERMENTED doses. For the second time this month I am going to recommend Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon...available in "My Favorites" in the right hand column of my blog. Sally shares with us the outstanding health benefits of fermented foods. As usual, Americans went overboard and skewed the health aspects of soy into money makers and lost all the good stuff in the process.

In addition, we have the genetically engineered soy to think about. Part of the modification is allowing soy to withstand MORE herbicide and pesticide chemicals to be dumped on the fields this is not only polluting our health more than usual, but destroying our soil and water. And, we have no idea, yet, of the harmful effects it will reap on our bodies after long term consumption.

Here is the link: www.alternet.org The War on Soy: Why the 'Miracle Food' May Be a Health Risk and Environmental Nightmare

Please read the entire article for yourself.
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