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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How and Why To Take A Shower

Now I'm not talking hygiene and/or olfactory reasons for showering. I'm guessing we all know the basics. I mean showering for your health. Not just to kill the beasties that could make you ill but for stimulating your immune system, especially the lymph glands. Your lymph system is the garbage truck of your body; it travels all over picking up waste, getting rid of all that nasty stuff that can make you sick. The only trouble is, it doesn't come with it's own power supply. Your blood has the heart to pump it all around and up and down. Lymph is pushed by muscle and if your not moving, lymph is not moving. I'm always trying to get my clients to WALK WALK WALK..it's good on so many levels. The large muscles in your legs really get that lymph flowing. A good massage will also move the lymph which takes us back to the showers. Get yourself one of those little nylon scrunchy things...they are very cheap; I saw a whole bin full the other day for a dollar each. A soft luffa or just a wash cloth will work. Your shower water temp should be tepid not scalding. Lather up your scrunchy, take deep slow breaths and starting with your face wash in small circular motions. (Use an all natural soap not harsh detergents or deodorant soap) DON'T SCRUB. Just apply gently pressure down your neck, shoulders, arms, hands. Then the under arms and breasts. There are a lot of lymph glands here ladies don't be shy about massaging those breasts. Go around each breast several times, then reverse the order and don't forget the nipples. Work your way down the body paying particular attention to the thighs going all the way to the toes. By the time you are finished your body will be glowing, your lymph will be flowing and your brain synapses will be snapping. This is a super-duper-waker-upper and much healthier than your morning dose of caffeine! This gentle massage gets your systems up and running, puts a sparkle in your eye, a witty repartee on the tip of your tongue and gives your morning a kick in the seat of the proverbial pants. What more could you want from a dollar scrunchy and 10 minutes of your time!?
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