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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Herbal Antibiotics

Actually, that is such a misnomer...antibiotic means against life and herbs are anything but. However, folks know what that means...herbs that kill germs! This is one of my more popular classes so thought I would share some of the info here.

Cornell University did a study on several herbs and determined what percentage of bacteria they actually killed. Go Cornell. Let's discuss the top four: Garlic, onions, allspice and oregano. I like to call them the fantastic four. They kill 100% of bad bacteria. Yes, 100%. So, if you are coming down with cold or flu, eat all you can of these wonderful herbs. Garlic and onions will go on practically anything. When someone in our household starts to "feel" it, you know what I mean, that vague itch in the back of your throat, unexplained soreness or eyes that just don't want to stay open, we load up on garlic and onion. It goes in the main entree, in the salad, on the sandwich, in the soup. Infuse some garlic and onions in a bit of olive oil (please, never use mineral oil) for a few hours and massage it onto the bottoms of your feet, heat some socks in the microwave (one of the few things I approve for its use!), pull them on your feet and slip into bed. If you are prone to earaches, just use the garlic and olive oil and put one drop into your ear--warm it first.

I like to use allspice in my winter warming stovetop simmer. Throw in any spices that please you...I like allspice, clove, cinnamon & vanilla but you can use anything. Let it gently simmer on a back burner diffusing its moisturizing, healing properties, germ killing power and heavenly scent into your air. It will smell like the holiday season!

Oregano can be purchased in a small dropper bottle. It's great at getting flu germs. Remember, a little goes a LONG way. We got a little over enthusiastic in my family one time and ended up with blisters in the mouth. Ouch. That happens to guinea pigs occasionally in an herbalist family! It's worth the trial. I guess I can say that since it wasn't my mouth!

So, get to the store and stock up. You never know when something will hit you and yours.

Oregano in my winter window...
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