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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring sprung?

The artificial sun is shinning, several of them in fact, so what do I care that the wind is cold and the rain is falling in spite of the calendar's assurance that spring is here? Thanks to my handy-dandy husband's carpentry/engineering skills my herbal seedlings are growing in the basement blissfully unaware of the weather outside. This is a shot before I separated and transplanted them. I can't bear to "weed" them out, so I save all of them. Makes for an extraordinary crop!

I mustn't complain as we have had monumental gardening weather for several days that has enabled me to start cleaning Green Blessings Farm beds and even plant a few things. I am overjoyed at the new plantings who made it through the winter: valerian, elecampagne and some "wild ones" burdock, mullein, plantain. Last year we put down ground cloth to help control weeds. When we purchased the property it was OVERGROWN with weeds and it has taken several summers to get a handle on them without using herbicides. But, the ground cloth did not let enough water through, so I ripped up the cloth around the plants and just left it in the pathway. I found a golden treasure under part of the cloth...carrots!

Farmers Market Managers did not see their shadows and are getting the contracts in order, a sure sign of spring. Let the summer season begin!!

My husband and I are trying to eat more vegetables, but not for obvious reasons. My little worm farm is expanding; literally eating us out of house and home. OK, not really, but, wow, can they eat. They are busy creating castings as fast as they can chew. I love "making soil"! My herb and flower beds are crawling with earth worms; at last the conditions are right and the dirt is supporting life!!

I participated in a Health Fair last week with the help of my daugher. I think she was a little bored and I so appreciate her willingness to help me out. Isn't it great to have support? Here's a photo of our booth. My new skin care and candle line did very well...must have been that NO CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS thing! Check out all our new products on at GBHfarm.com

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