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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I love January. New beginnings and frost on my skylight. Yes, it's cold outside and there are days when my driveway is a little tough to negotiate, but I find January exhilarating. It's like standing at the top of a ski slope waiting to push off, not that I actually ski now, but I have in the past balanced at the top, waiting for the perfect moment to shove into that downward-no-turning-back now slide. Now that's commitment. Never mind that 5000 years ago the first skis were made from femur bones and that conjures a broken bone image for me, how about you! It merely points out that setting goals and going for them usually involves some risk.

January is almost over and I've successfully launched off the safe flat ground into the unknown. I'll probably have to schuss from side to side, maybe make a few jumps over unexpected obstacles, perhaps even make a detour or two, but, I'm on my way. Come on along. Make your goals, commit to becoming who you really want to be. There’s still a couple more days…
DOMUS book one DONE. Yes, I truly mean it this time, the final revision in complete at a 101,421 words! Hoo Ha. Now, on to Book Two...

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's here already

Once I put away the trick-or-treat bowl, I know the first of the year is right around the corner. And, we have turned that corner! The holidays always fly by don't they? You gotta love 'em. Besides spending time immersed in the sheer joy of family, food and fun, just before the new year I spend time evaluating my life. In my day planner I have a chart I made in 1987 that lists 10 areas of my life: physical, mental, emotional, attractiveness, relationships, living environment, social, spiritual, career, financial. I rate them on a one to ten basis. I can see the ups and downs through the years and make goals for next year. Some of you may see this as a bit compulsive, but somehow it's comforting to me to keep track of where I've been and where I want to go. Intrestingly enough, my chart runs through 2012, and I didn't even consult the Mayans!

So, what are your goals for 09? I hope they are to be healthy for that is the foundation of everything else you do. If you don't feel well, you won't fully participate in life. So, put down that cigarette (I have several friends trying to kick it), hop on the treadmill (several more trying to tone up) and pour a cup of yerba mate' (several others trying to acclimate to the taste!). If I can help you in any way, log onto http://www.gbhfarm.com/ and shoot me an email. Don't forget, if you have questions regarding herbs, fire away.

DOMUS is still being re-re-re-revised. I've decided that I will probably keep tinkering with it as long as it sits on my computer! I can't help it, I keep getting new ideas which I hope just make it better. I am so grateful to my editor/daughter, she keeps my brain wheels oiled and running in the right direction. And a BIG thank you to all my readers who have helped me along this year and kept me humble! Writing can be lonely and it is motivating to know others care about what happens in the far away lands in my head. My webmaster (gotta love him!) is working on my writer's page.
I know I am a step behind the world, but I acomplished a goal that has been on my list for a number of years: scrapbookking. I spent several days with my daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughters "holed up" cutting, glueing, ooh & ahing scrapebook pages. We had great fun and plan to make it a regular happening. I started with a photo of my mother when she was 23; isn't she beautiful?
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