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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Cold and flu season is here. I can tell because all around me at the grocery store, the gas station, the library, I hear a cacophany of sneezing and coughing. There are steps you can take to help get you through this winter.

First, work on having what I call a foundation of health.
1) Eat real food -cut out processed & packaged "faux-food". Eat organic.
2) Drink real water -investigate your water, whether it's tap or bottled
3) Exercise -just walking will improve your health
4) Sleep - be reasonable. America is sleep deprived. It's not lazy to get adequate sleep
Sounds simple enough, but these lifestyle changes can make a profound difference in your health.

Then take action at the first sign...a tickle in the throat, a tingle in the nose, a tired feeling.
1) Vitamin C and plenty of it. 1 to 2,000 units every hour until bowel tolerance.
2) The first famous four: Garlic, onions, oregano & allspice. Cornell University study says these kitchen staples will kill 100% bacteria.
3) The second famous four: Echinacea, elecampayne, elderberry and eyebright. I prefer tincture to capsules. Rule of thumb: 1 drop of tincture per 2 lbs body weight six times a day, 14 days.

OTC remedies - We keep these on hand in our medicine arsenal:
1) Occilococcinium - a homeopathic remedy; tastes good; works good
2) Sinus & Respiratory by New Chapter - has 16 hard hitters in an olive oil base
3)Allibiotic by NOW - has five herbs and a pro-biotic in a rice bran oil base

For more information see the FAQ section on my website: GBHfarm.com

For my writing pals: Some of my fellow and sister writers are far ahead of me in our Nanowrimo quest for that finished draft, others are far behind! That just goes to show, we travel our paths marching, plodding or crawling, but at least we are moving. Another writer friend isn't concerned with a quantity of words, she just pens touching poetry from her heart. Thanks, Linda, for helping me smell the roses during my march through November. If you are unfamiliar with nano? Go to nanowrimo.org. :)
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