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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feline Wisdom

Cats are a lot like Aquarians. Independent. Loyal. Thinkers. Well, at least I think she's thinking. Professor April McGonagall is sitting by my keyboard, on my mouse pad, thinking. She does a lot of that. I'm not sure what her conclusions are, but I guess when she reaches them, she'll let me know. Now, those of you who do not own, or do not even like cats, may I take just a moment to lobby. For someone like myself who is independent through and through, I appreciate her self-reliance. She doesn't need me to make her feel good, she knows she is spectacular. I don't need to convince her that she can tackle new things. She wriggled through an uncovered vent and found her own way into the basement where new discoveries waited. April is daring by nature. She was born in an apartment complex attic and along with several siblings, fell through the space between the outside of the building and the wall. (I say she fell from heaven, my husband, Gary, says they through her out.) The tenants heard muffled cries, and after demolishing the wall, a kindle (yes, that's a word) of kittens lay squirming in a dusty pile; their eyes barely open. She found her way into our home where Gary and I took turns feeding her with a tiny doll bottle every 3 or 4 hours. April is now a beautiful, loving four year old cat who, never having real babies of her own, spends her days carrying three rubber balls from place to place while purring and cooing to them in a very maternal way.

What do cats have to do with herbs? you say. April LOVES catnip and catmint. I have a couple of gi-normous beds of napeta cataria in my garden. She rolls in it, and purrs and rolls and purrs, and throws it up into the air and jumps up and catches it before it hits the floor. Then she spends a few minutes running, jumping and frolicking around the house. FOR HUMANS catnip works just the opposite; it's mildly calming. One of my most popular herbal teas is SUNSHINE TEA which contains catmint. Read all about it at GBHfarm.com. In the meantime, consider kitten/cat adoption. Regardless of their independent nature, they love to be with you. April is now dosing on my mouse pad. Maybe she's waiting for a mouse.
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