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Thursday, November 6, 2008


DSL is over...yahoo. Being a lark, a person who is highly functional from dawn 'till noon, as opposed to my husband, the owl, who doesn't reach his stride until afternoon and can forge ahead 'till midnight, I love that extra hour of daylight in the mornings. Although, much to my family's delight in teasing me, I have a little...ok, a lot, of trouble with the fall back and spring forward theory. Apparently, time is malleable. Which is great with me. I can bend it to my own purposes and have time for everything!

Since the days are darker and colder, are you feeling a little blue? With a family member who suffers from SAD, I am very conscious of the effect the sunlight has on your body and emotions. Seasonal changes and added stress can weaken your immune system You are getting less vitamin D from the sun so you may need to beef up with a supplement. Be sure to get D3. You need HEAT so cook your foods longer by baking and roasting. Don't be afraid of PEPPERS added to your food. My mom always kept a bottle of peppers in vinegar on the table with the salt and pepper. Contrary to popular belief, hot peppers are very good for you. And, eat thicker soups such as pumpkin, pea and potato. My daughter-in-law just made potato soup the other evening and it tasted so good--just right for these chilly evenings. Be sure to check mywebsite for good nutritous winter receipes.

A lot of you already visit my website, http://GBHfarm.com. I'm an herbalist and on my website I have a lot of herbal info and products. In this new Green Blessings Blog I will write about all the glorious green things out there and, all those blessings lurking in places you forget to look. Blessings like your heart beat and how you can slow it down to a resting heart rate that will make your doctor smile. Green things like the horseradish growing with wild abandon in my garden that always makes me think of my grandpa Henry and all about my new lavender bed my husband Gary made for me. I love my website (and am pretty crazy about the webmaster, too), but let's face it: I'm a writer and I love to write. Some would say ramble. And, some of you out there love to read. My clients and customers always want MORE... so here you go!

The GBHfarm.com is replacing greenblessingsherbal.com. And, just in case the reason is not obvious -- it's shorter and easier to remember. You can get there with either name, but we hope the new and improved version will get you there quicker. The site slid into the abyss a few weeks ago and my aforementioned webmaster has been working furiously to re-post all the information. As often happens when original work is lost, the new is BETTER. So many things are so much improved, if I wasn't sure the webmaster would strangle me, I'd say I'm (almost) glad it crashed! Navigation in the site is easier, and the shopping cart is fabulous. Have a look and let me know what you think.
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