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Nana Earth

Why Nana Earth?

 I snapped this photo while flying over the Pacific.  The merging blues of the water and sky separated by the clouds captivated me as I manipulated my camera for the best shot.  I felt suspended in time and got a very real sense of the planet by the slight curvature of the earth.  Suddenly, a great love and appreciation for this earth that Heavenly Father created for us overwhelmed me.  The earth seemed more than elements, more than resources, more than a place to live.

Instead she felt nourishing, nurturing and, yes, I will say it, caring.  She felt like a partner in life, in living.  She breathes and moves, transforms and creates.  She is calm and tempestuous, hot and cold, life-giving and life-taking.  She is self-cleaning and self-healing.   It was as if my love for her was encapsulated and clarified the moment I pressed the shutter button. Her image was indelibly digitized in my camera; her spirit perfectly imprinted in my heart.

So, this is why Nana Earth. 

 This site is dedicated to true health, true happiness and a sense of well being that comes from choosing the right.   The earth provides us with great opportunities to be healthy; I hope to share some of her gifts with you.
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