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Briar Patch is my rabbit village built by my FarmBoy Gary. Here are the inhabitants:
The Patriarch "Paddy" (white-French Angora) and newest occupant in the foreground "Pepper" (black-English Angora). They are getting acquainted in the bunny yard separated by fencing. You can see a ramp in the background where Paddy goes up to his hutch.

From left to right: Cherry Blossom(white-French Angora , Nutmeg (brown-French Angora and Thumbelina (white/brown-English Angora) chowing on comfrey.

This is S'mores our only non-Angora bunny. He's a doll.

This is Paddy ON TOP of his hutch in Briar Patch. He's a dare devil.

Thumbelina just hangin' out on her sun porch in front of her apartment. Isn't she a cutie patootie?

Nutmeg grooming Thumbelina. Both Nutmeg and Cherry Blossom baby Thumbelina--it's so stinkin' cute.

Cherry Blossom on her sun porch. She's giving Pepper the evil eye through the cage partition. For some reason when we first got Pepper Cherry Blosom just hated her.   Poor little Pepper. But, now they get along marvelously.  I was able to take out the partition and now the girls are one big happy family.

Pepper enjoying yard time without the others. 

They all love Briar Patch: it has separate apartments for each of them, sun porches and ramps down to the yard. 

My plan for raising Angoras was to sell babies and fiber.  I had a hard time finding babies so I figured the market would be good.  But, holy-moly.  BUNNIE LOVE is not so easy to come by.  The girls like Paddy well enough through the wire partition, but just put them together and they don't want anything to do with him!   ?????

I'll keep you informed.......

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