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Good Bye Goats
Gone but not forgotten; my beloved goats have left the farm.  Read their story:  Good Bye Goats

Morning Breaks
The sky is just getting light above my mountain...so I know the sun is there.  It's like the whole world is just waiting for me to step outside and welcome the day.

The goats are still sleeping.
Newborn.  Always precious.
I would accuse them of being lazy, but how can I do that in good conscience when they give me such wonderful sweet milk day after day, week after week, month after month.

I'm milking two does right now, Betty and Becky.  They give about a gallon a day each depending on the amount of feed I give them.

Straining milk.
The Saanen herd.

Betty in the foreground; Becky in the back.

Becky telling me a tall tale about finding a chicken nest of eggs in the barn.

Daisy...she loves to dress up.  She's taking this year off from child rearing and milking.


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