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Essential Oils

It's amazing how many folks don't make the connection between HERBS and essential oils.

 The oils are CONCENTRATED herbs.  Herbs that have been distilled to extract the GOOD parts, the essence, the very life force of plants.

Oils are 50, 100 times more potent than the herb in it's natural state--and often many more times.  It takes hundreds and hundreds of pounds of the plant material to make one ounce of oil.  That's how precious it is.

I admire and respect Terry Tilhaart.  He has a remarkable HERBAL history and has devoted his life to NATURAL COMMON SENSE HEALING.

Take a look at one of his videos:

If you've ever grown a garden, you know the best produce is fresh produce.  The longer it sits on your counter or in the frig the less nutritious it is.  The less tasty it is.  The less effective it is as a wholesome food.

The same applies to plants getting ready for distillation.  There are a hundred ways to cut corners; there is one way to do it right.

This is why I adore, use and trust Young Living.  They own most of their own farms.  They closely monitor their partner farms to insure they maintain the high standards Young Living has insisted upon for 20 years.  They do their OWN distilling.  I love that.  Gary Young devised his own method of distilling so not one drop of the THERAPEUTIC value would be lost.

If an essential oil company does not own their farms, do their own distilling and bottling, in essence if they do not have complete control over every step--from seed to seal--then they are nothing but a broker of oils

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