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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Red Plague Remedy

This is a two-part class: September 1 and September 30.

On 9/1 we will be compounding two tinctures (a set) which are good for various ailments but which are specifically formulated to counteract the plague. These two tinctures are a "set" and must be used together.

The 2 tinctures are made with nine herbs: olive leaf, chamomile, Pau D' Arco, Red Rooibos, agrimony, milk thistle, yarrow, cayenne & burdock root. The alcohol menstrum is Everclear.

One recipe makes 110 sets. One set is good for one person for about 10-11 days.

This class is open to TEN PEOPLE. Each person will receive ELEVEN SETS.

The cost of the material--the herbs and the alcohol--is $100 per person. Each person needs to bring 7 quart jars.

You will LEAVE THE TINCTURES AT THE FARM to macerate. It must remain in the quart jars for four weeks.

The second part of the class is on SEPTEMBER 30 at 10 am at which time we will decant the tinctures and separate it into smaller jars for you to take home.

Enroll NOW as the class is limited to 10 people. Your money must be to me by Saturday, August 13. If it is not, you will be dropped and I will go to the next person in line.

I will order the supplies on Monday, August 15. This time schedule is critical to be able to make the tinctures on 9/1.

I am ordering the herbs from two very reputable sources: Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Herb Store. The Everclear is coming from a local source who is giving me a price break.

The $100 is the cost of the supplies; I am not taking anything for myself.

I should have enough smaller jars for you to decant the tincture, but they will not be "dropper" bottles. If you want those you will need to bring them on 9/30.

This recipe was formulated and shared by Claudia Orgil. 

Enroll now.
$100 due no later than 8/13
Supplies ordered 8/15
Formulating Class 9/1 10 am --leave tinctures at farm
Decanting Class 9/30 10 am--take home tinctures

Call, email or private message me with questions. :)
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