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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Little Mary and Baby Jesus...

I just love it when my family comes to the farm; especially during this sacred season.  They came in two shifts on Christmas day..

Here is a video we shot of our own Nativity.  It definitely has a "home-grown" quality, but it is filled with the Infnite Love He brought to earth.


May your New Year be filled with the JOY of family, the HAPPINESS of love and the PEACE that only Christ can give .

From Rocky Creek Valley Farm

Monday, December 28, 2015

How-To Tuesday Immune Spritzer


I LOVE tumeric. I posted before how to make turmeric paste and Golden Milk GO HERE FOR THOSE TURMERIC RECIPES

It is the golden boy of herbs.  The sunshine on a cloudy day.  The end of the rainbow for immune boosters and inflammatory issues.   So when I saw this little recipe (Lindsey at Today In Dietzville) I had to share it. OK, I tweeked it a little; that's just what I do.

Tumeric Spritzer
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder (you can use less, but why would you!?)
1/4 large FRESH pineapple (use most or all of the CORE--it's essential!)
3 large  ORGANIC carrots (My guests raved about the carrots served at Christmas dinner.  Their color was OUTSTANDING.   Their taste sublime.  They were just steamed and dressed with butter/salt/pepper.  Simple. Scrumptious)
1-2 slices of burdock root (1st year only!)

Whirl all this in a high-powered blender (one of these days I will tell you my blender story!!) or a juicer. (I'm generally not a fan of juicers--we need that pulp, too! But occasionally, it's ok.  This is one of those occasions.)    If you like it COLD COLD, add a couple ice cubes to the blender.

Strain and add to KOMBUCHA...oh, this is so good and good for you I can hardly stand it.  Now, some folks don't care for kombucha.  If you are one of these unfortunate few, use sparkling mineral water.

And, here's another twist:  add the tumeric mix to fresh kombucha for the SECOND FERMENTATION!!!  That will REALLY give your immune system a kick in the seat of the  pants.

The turmeric, pineapple, carrots and kombucha are all anti-inflammatory. Yippe-ki-yaaaa.  After all those sweets you've been eating, YOU NEED THIS.

And, POSTSCRIPT: tumeric is anti-spasmodic.  That's the BEST news for you ladies whose bodies need some extra TLC for THAT TIME OF THE MONTH.   Really, try it.  It relieves pain and cramping.  The Golden milk would be excellent for this if you want something WARM instead of COLD.  Also, pineapple jumps right in there for you PMSers.  Who knew..right?    You don't need NSAIDS!!!   This recipe aids you in ways you cannot comprehend; give it a try.

Be well.  :)

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