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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring On The Farm

Ok, I know I didn't like carrying water and wrestling with chicken house doors because the frozen ground bulged up but, 70 degrees and above?  Really?  One extreme to the other.

My dogs went from playing in the snow, to begging to get out of the hot sun.

Spring cleaning in the garden is always refreshing, even if it's HOT in the high tunnel!  But, complaining aside, SEEDS ARE A-GOIN' in the ground!!! Yay.  And, Sprout, my little greenhouse is full of seeds/tiny plants in pots just biding their time 'till they get to be planted outside.

 And, the rabbitry "Briar Patch" is all cleaned out.  Now if I can figure out a way to get "the girls" to like "the boy"!!

The" Penny" house (housing for a small group of chickens) is all clean.  I don't trust the weather enough to remove the heat light paraphernalia yet.  The new little "brooder" house is moved into the Penny pen and Josephine is setting on her eggs.  See her story under the page entitled CHICKENS.
My darling goats...last spring's pictures of new babies.
Cassie, my beautiful.

Briar Patch: bunny apartments and room to play on the ground.

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