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Friday, September 5, 2014


Saturday 9/6    10 to 4

Rocky Creek loves to share what we DO here at the farm with our gardens, our goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs...well just about everything.  This Saturday, 9/6 we have a booth at the Nelson Atkins Farm at the Big Shoal Country Fair.  We will have information pertaining to raising the happiest, healthiest chickens you'll ever see. 

And, as a special bonus we are bringing BUFFY.  Buffy recently came to our farm from her city home and is getting to know her new sister-hens.  She is a beautiful Buff Orpington and she would love to meet you!   The Fair is VERY KID FRIENDLY so bring the family and spend the day.  But remember, we will only be there from 2 to 4.

Nelson Atkins Farm 6607 N. Antioch Rd  Gladstone, MO   816-453-3276.   We will be there from 2 to 4 but the Fair is open from 10 to 4.  You can read all about the Fair    HERE .

This is Buffy.  She will be with us at the fair.  Isn't she gorgeous?  And, she's sweet, too.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eye Opener

The sky is just getting light above my mountain...so I know the sun is there.  It's like the whole world is just waiting for me to step outside and welcome the day.

The goats are still sleeping.
Newborn.  Always precious.
I would accuse them of being lazy, but how can I do that in good conscience when they give me such wonderful sweet milk day after day, week after week, month after month.

I'm milking two does right now, Betty and Becky.  They give about a gallon a day each depending on the amount of feed I give them.

Straining milk.
The Saanen herd.

Betty in the foreground; Becky in the back.

Becky telling me a tall tale about finding a chicken nest of eggs in the barn.

Daisy...she loves to dress up.  She's taking this year off from child rearing and milking.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 How To yellow
Well, I just can't believe my eyes....

I have been making and using laundry soap FOREVER...and do I have a How-To-Tuesday for it? NO!!


But, the interesting thing is, just today a friend (thanks Ashley) turned me on to a liquid/saucey soap that just looks so interesting I am going to have to try it.  Problem is, I recently made my POWER POWDER laundry soap, so still have quite a bit.

Secondly, I LOVE the jar I keep it in!  The NEW laundry liquid sauce will need to be in a screw top jar.

But, no fear, I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it, so, since it IS Tuesday--which is How-to day I'm going to deviate from my normal pattern and give you the link to ANOTHER SITE with the recipe complete with photos.

(NOTE: 2/10/15  I was looking over my How To Tuesday columns and saw that BUDGET 101 attached this meme to my column that I posted last year.   I did not intend to steal or copy their recipe; I even posted their link so my readers could see the how-to of laundry sauce.   I don't think I should be chastised for sending people to their site but that's just me.  Anyway, I'm leaving it on here because I still think IT'S A GOOD RECIPE. So, sorry if you take offense Budget 101. )

She calls it Mom's Super Laundry Sauce.  Is that adorable?Super Laundry Sauce


My only caveat is I don't use Fels Naptha, so I would substitute.    I use my daughter-in-law, Shonna's wonderful plain ol lye soap made with my goats milk in my POWER POWDER laundry soap so that's what I will use in this new SAUCE soap.     Shonna's soap is creamy and lathers beautifully and you can find her soaps here: RED SHED SOAP COMPANY.

RED SHED is also having a soap making class Sept 13, 2014

SOAP class - September 13th from 2pm till 5pm. Lean the basics and some time saving tips to make high quality sops from scratch! This is an entry level novice class. You will learn the steps to make cold process soap and how to tweak recipes to make them your own. Lean how to use lye calculators to create custom soaps. All ingredients will be supplied. You will be taking home the soap you make, the supplies will be enough to make two 1 lb batches per person. Each person will need to bring 2 velveta boxes (top and bottom)or small plastic drawer organizer available at wal mart in the kitchen section. ( about the same size and shape of a velveta box.) Call for info and to sign up. Limited space available! Class may go over time estimate depending on how things go. Class cost per person is $55. If you are bringing a friend or family member the age limit is 14 years old due to safety issues using hot oils and chemicals. Call Shonna asap. 816-868-6763
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