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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Blood

We sold several chickens this year because it's time to cycle out older egg layers and cycle in young ones. They still lay eggs but just not enough for an egg-selling establishment! I had no idea chickens were in such demand! They all went to good homes and will spend their days clucking and singing for someone else.

Some of my Araucana's love to fly up and perch on my head. All I have to do is start walking toward the chicken coop and they will come running, flying, squawking to me and sit on my arms, head, shoulders, whatever is handy. The buyers wanted tame chickens. I think they got them.

Our new chicks will arrive this week...some Jersey Giants (Black pic)--I love that breed and we sold all of our original ones so am so excited to get more, plus they make GREAT MOMS--and some Cuckoo Marans (Black & white pic). They lay CHOCOLATE eggs. Well, not really chocolate, just chocolate colored...beautiful.

AND, my chicks are bringing some new buddies this year...DUCKS!! This is our first foray into the world of quack-quack and I'm so excited. I'll post pics when they arrive.
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