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Friday, May 31, 2013

Pepper Predicament

Friday 5-31

I'm getting ready for farmers market..Friday mornings are always hectic. It involves getting together any produce I've harvested (this week berries and onions), deciding what to put it in for my tables, whether or not to "bundle" (rubberband) it, getting the eggs packed into iced coolers, labeling milk for deliveries on the way to market, rounding up any floral or herbal baskets I've planted, cutting any flowers blooming (this week PEONIES--they are gorgeous), making sure I have my other herbal products I want to take, checking on literature and signs, table cloths, tables, change...well you get the picture.

Yesterday morning my little sick hen was better, then by days end she was not so good. It rained all day so she kept walking over to the door and getting wet. I dosed her good at nightfall, but I really thought she would be dead this morning.

She's a trooper; she wasn't very perky but alive. I gave her her usual dosage, some ACV water and hoped for the best. I'm worried because I won't be here to dose her every 2-3 hours like I have been.

I finally got my nightshade garden done. I planted bell peppers and those marvelous little sweet cherry peppers. I had dug the holes the day before when I planted tomatoes so I thought it would be easy-breezy to plant the peppers.

I like to work in the garden during a slow-misty rain. Dream on. It was pouring down. And, thundering. And, lightening. Cassie is terrified of storms so she would not stay in ZUZU-our Toyota farm truck. She insisted on staying UNDER me as I planted. My gloves were caked with a good half inch of mud; my boots were like big zombie boots--they had at least 2-3 inches of mud clinging to every step. For some reason in a moment of insanity I opted not to wear a hat so the rain was running down my face and into my eyes. The little rake I was using was also covered with mud and became heavier with each swipe at the ground.

I always try to weed as I plant; two birds with one stone, so to speak. Trouble is when I pulled them up they wouldn't leave my glove as I tried to sling them off. Mud equals glue. What I thought would be an easy item on my to-do list was proving to be troublesome and time consuming. However: Perserverance wins the day. The peppers are in!

Gotta go...I'll let you know how market goes.

This is ZUZU. I love this truck.
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